Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Call Recorder


  • In call button for your convenience. You can move it.
  • File formats: 3gpp, WAV
  • Record duration: 1 hour in 3gpp format, unlimited duration in WAV format
  • Option to Amplify -- saves it in WAV
  • Recordings are saved to external storage in "/VoiceNotes"

Compatible with all HTC phones, Samsung captivate. Incompatible with any Motorola phone. We're still trying to get it work on Samsung galaxy series, can't get our hands on a developer phone!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Call Recorder Screenshots

Call Recorder FAQs

  • I just downloaded the app, now what?

    The button will appear during the call to help you record. After the call, our app will launch itself to present the recordings.

  • The record button appears during the call screen, but it appears above something else. I'd like to move it.

    becomes movable upon long press. You can place it anywhere you want and the button will remember that forever.